The seagull that joined me for a two mile run

Now let’s be clear from the start, I loath to do any form of extraneous activity and running definitely falls into this category. Why would you? After all it makes you tired. It was not I that went for a run but the seagull who had joined me, that had decided to run. Now this seagull must have been quite competitive for he never let me overtake him.

This is how it came about. I was strolling down the beach when before me, I saw about 200 gulls loitering on the beach like teenagers waiting to cause trouble or steal your lunch. As I drew close they started to gallop down the beach and laboriously flap their wings to get air borne. All the while swearing obscenities at having to move from there chosen spot. All but one flew up to join another group further down the beach. I noticed that this fellow had a slightly dropping wing and he had set up a brisk jog ahead of me.

Now if you have ever seen a bird running, he looks like a drunk – weaving from side to side, bouncing off the alley walls as he tries to keep you in sight while looking over his shoulder. All the while squawking like a gypsy who had not been paid after reading your palm. I guess the fact that his legs being about four inches long and mine about thirty, was the reason he ran and I easily kept pace while walking.  Now I had not shaved for two months and my beard was long and turning distinctly white. I guess the little fellow had decided that I bore a striking resemblance to Colonel Sanders of Kentucky fried chicken fame.  To be sure his education could not have been that great and he must have thought that “chicken” was generic, for all birds. Thus he must have arrived at the conclusion that he was next on the menu.

Each time he caught up to the group in front, the other gulls would take flight, thereby giving him abandonment issues and reinforcing the panic that he was surely on the menu. With renewed vigour he would double his efforts, squawk a little louder and careen down the beach. This continued for at least an hour and a half before he finally shot up the beach to the left, and with much squawking and swearing – no doubt that he would not be next on the menu, he finally made his way around me.

Now that shows dedication to his body building regime…………..Drumstick anyone?

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