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As I progress through this adventure, it becomes more apparent to me that we are all on a journey, and everyone has a story to tell. Some of these stories are tales of woe; some are of adventure and wonder. Some people are undertaking an epic voyage of their own, or just struggling through their daily lives. We often drift through life thinking other people’s stories are extraordinary, they are not, they are just different adventures. Granted some may be more interesting in the telling, but they are all unique. This is what gives life its multitude of colours, its vibrancy and uniqueness. My story is just that, my story. A tale to share with others, as others share their tales with me.

Camping out on the beach at night, miles from anywhere, miles from anyone, the sky is a wonder to behold. The stars lay splashed across the sky like millions of paint flecks. It is as though some mystical, celestial Picasso has rinsed his paintbrush out and then repeatedly flicked it out to dry on a black sheet. The spattering of stars lying so dense, they blaze a path across the sky. Some of the better known constellations fade into the background, hiding amongst the lesser known constellations in the subdued light, as they all struggle for prominence. The stars bunched together so tightly that their dull illumination lights up the landscape in a shadowy, fairy-tale luminescence. The stars seem so close that one feels you could reach up and pluck them like grapes.

If one casts their eyes to the waves thundering on the shore, one will see an eerie magic show. As each wave breaks on the shore line, and the water turns white with turbulence. You will see the wave start to fluoresce and light up magically in a ghostly pale green light. This eerie, ghostly light will then shoot down the breaking wave, like a mystical ball of smoke with a wispy trail. It is never dark at night, even when the moon hides her pale shining face. Sadly modern technology is slowly driving out the greatest magic show on earth, Mother Nature.
We have polluted our streams to the point where we now buy our drinking water in a bottle, polluted our skies with light to the point where we cry “where have all the stars gone”? Polluted our soil to the point where the ground is now barren, no longer able to grow vegetation. We have polluted our air to the point where people now suffer from a myriad of respiratory problems, to the point where we pay for the air that we breathe, in carbon taxes. We have polluted our oceans to the point where our table fish now have plastic in them. When will we learn, we are the only species that consume 100% of everything we touch without ever giving back.

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  • Anne Swart
    2 years ago

    So beautiful written and such wise words of wisdom. I almost felt I was seeing this wonderful sight myself.

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